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   "Man Cave" is a weekly segment of Morning Light hosted by Pat King and Josh Dickson.  This week - what do we change within ourselves to make things go from HAVE to go to WANT to go to Mass?

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   Morning Light offers a weekly pro-life segment on Wednesdays at 7:45am.  Today, we were blessed to be joined by Fr. Justin Brady in the St. Gabriel Studio.  Among the topics, when other people are involved in an abortion - are their souls in peril as well? How does Neo-gnosticism tie into abortion?

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   "Faith & Feasts" is a weekly segment of Morning Light hosted by Teresa Zepeda.  This episode focuses on St. Jerome who is celebrated Sept. 30th.

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   Morning Light welcomes Blaine Conzatti, Director of Advocacy for Family Policy Alliance of Idaho...along with special guest - Nampa Councilman Rick Hogaboam, who talks about being a graduate of Family Policy Alliance‚Äôs Statesman Academy...his efforts to end human trafficking in Nampa...and his involvement with Lifeline Pregnancy Care Center.

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