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   "Man Cave" is a weekly segment of Morning Light, hosted by Pat King (OLV, Caldwell) and Josh Dickson (St. Mark's, Boise).  Today, they talk about "blind faith" and how a terrible sinner became one of the Church's greatest saints.

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   During the weekly pro-life piece of Morning Light, MaryLou Molitor returns to talk more about Natural Family Planning, sharing excerpts from the book “The Sinners Guide to NFP”

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   "Faith & Feasts" is a weekly segment of Morning Light hosted by Teresa Zepeda.  Today's episode focuses on St. Gregory the Great.  Celebrate by listening to Gregorian chant while eating cherries!  Sound strange?  Listen in and find out the background of this "great" saint.

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   Last week, Morning Light discussed HOW to contact your legislators.  This week, MaryLou Molitor shares some "Political Potpourri" and talks about WHY we should contact's called "faithful citizenship."

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