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   During our weekly focus on Catholic education, Morning Light welcomes Nancy Corgiat, Principal of Holy Spirit Catholic School in Pocatello, via webcam.  What exciting new projects are happening?  How can people support the school through the #iGiveCatholic campaign?

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   In our weekly segment with Bishop Kelly High School, Morning Light welcomes Activities Director Tom Shanahan to the program.  How does his job differ from the Athletic Directors of other high schools?  What are his responsibilities?  Plus, a report of the fall sports and a preview of the winter sports schedule.  GO KNIGHTS!

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Mass Mob

Top 5 Movies at the Box Office

BSU Football

Thanksgiving Left-overs

Holiday Crowds at the Airport

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   Giving Tuesday is the 27th and the Diocese of Boise presents the #iGiveCatholic campaign.  How can people donate to their favorite ministries?  What do we need here at Salt & Light Catholic Radio?

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