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   Morning Light welcomes back Jay Wonacott, Director of Marriage & Family Life for the Diocese of Boise, who shares tips for surviving the holidays and dealing with difficult family members during the stressful events over these next couple of months.

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   This week, during our sacred music segment, Morning Light talks with Catholic recording artist and pro-life advocate Jaime Thietten via webcam.  Jaime has recorded 8 CDs which you can find on her website:



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   As we shine the spotlight on our seminarians at Mt. Angel, Alberto Jaramillo is a guest on Morning Light, sharing a typical day in their lives on campus.  In the future, Alberto will interview other seminarians during this segment.

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   Morning Light sits down once again with Doug Alles, Executive Director of Catholic Charities of Idaho to discuss poverty and the Church's role in helping the marginalized.  Hope you studied - today, a pop quiz on how much we actually know about poverty.

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