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   "Man Cave" is a weekly segment during Morning Light hosted by Pat King and Josh Dickson.  In this edition, we discuss the topic - how do men grieve?  Josh's grandmother recently passed away and he shares the emotions he's experienced the past few days.

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   During this week's pro-life segment of Morning Light, we bring in Tina Kierce from A New Beginning Adoption Agency along with Megan Bryant a birth mom who recently reunited with the daughter she gave up for adoption almost 20 years ago.  Learn more about how adoption is a better option to abortion by listening to Megan's touching story.

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   November is dedicated to praying for all souls - Teresa Zepeda joins Morning Light for "Faith & Feasts."  How do we pray for the souls of our loved ones and how can we celebrate them during the upcoming holidays?

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   Christian Welp from the Diocese of Boise joins Morning Light to share news regarding the Idaho Catholic Network.  This group was recently formed to give the Catholic Church a local voice in our State Legislature.  Who makes up the Network?  How can we help in the upcoming session?

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