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   Wednesdays at 7:35am, as part of the new "Morning Light" program, Pat King returns to Salt & Light Radio with "Man Cave."  Today, how are men being portrayed in television shows?  Why are more women getting involved in politics - is it because men have failed to lead like they used to?

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   Pro-life advocate Emily Naugle stops by the "Morning Light" radio show.  Emily discusses wrapping up the Fall version of 40 Days for Life, the Gosnell movie, and shares a touching story of how sidewalk prayer warriors helped save a baby...who is now 6-years-old!

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November is the month we pray for all souls - Teresa Zepeda shares ways in which you and your family can do that.  It's "Faith & Feasts" via webcam from Teresa's home - we apologize it wasn't heard on-air but hopefully you'll check out this podcast of the segment.

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The morning after Election Day, MaryLou Molitor stops in to go over results and what it means to Catholics both in Idaho and nationwide.

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