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     Pat King & Brian Howell host MAN CAVE - a new local program heard every other Wednesday at 3:30pm.  In this episode, Pat continues to share his personal story of losing not only his son, but eventually his marriage and business.  How does one come back from so much loss?  Tune in and find out!

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CATHOLIC IDAHO for Tuesday, November 21st:

David Ripley from Idaho Chooses Life on the upcoming Dinner/Auction Fundraiser.  Call (208) 344-8709 for tickets or go to for more information

With this being National Adoption Month...Cara Walsh, Christy Frans and Megan from A New Beginning Adoption Agency share more about the wide variety of different services they offer.  The 24/7 Hotline is (208) 985-5617 or visit

Brad Hahn, CEO of Solidarity HealthShare, returns to discuss the different terminology between traditional insurance and health sharing.  Call (844) 313-4999 or visit


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