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   Knights of Columbus members from Twin Falls, Jerome & Buhl in the studio talking about their experiences & the coveted Beer Stein trophy! 

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   Deb Miciak & Colleen Crozier with Capstone Missions are here talking with a couple area Catholic Youth - Taylor and Arianna - to discuss what this important ministry does to change lives at the orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico

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   Reed Crozier from St. Jerome parish talks with Denise, Mary and Candy about Joseph's Closet and the incredible work done through this community outreach.

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Brad & Joe talk about the "Come & See Weekend" coming to the Monastery of the Ascension

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Host Reed Crozier from St. Jerome parish asks about the Community Kitchen in Jerome with Sue & Joe.

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Father Boniface & Father Andrew from the Monastery of the Ascension!

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   Lifelong member of Immaculate Conception parish in Buhl, Francis Carrol, talks about how his Catholic faith helped him throughout the years.

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   Guest Eva Wagner chatting with Felipe Zamora from Immaculate Conception in Buhl about family and the history of the parish...she shared some beautiful insights! 

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   Philipe Zamora from Immaculate Conception parish in Buhl interviews two First Communicants as Rose Machado and Samuel Zamora tell listeners about receiving the Blessed Sacrament.

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Ron Anthony, a newly confirmed Catholic, shares his conversion story

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Fr. Julio Vincente from St. Therese in Burley is blessing us with his musical gifts as the calls come ringing in!

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   Fr. Justin Brady is commanding the microphone up in Sun Valley for a live remote broadcast at Our Lady of the Snows! 

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   Fr. Justin Brady is commanding the microphone up in Sun Valley for a live remote broadcast at Our Lady of the Snows! 

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   Hank Hafliger from St. Edward's shares his incredible story of family, faith & fortitude! He's joined by two of his daughters, Desiree & Diana and his lovely wife, Toni.

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