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FPD16 - St. Mark's ... Fr. Ben

To wrap up our time with St. Mark's in Boise, Jeff & Val Allen chat with parish pastor - Fr. Ben Uhlenkott - about the exciting ministries and inspiring stories coming from this Catholic community.

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FPD16 - Holy Apostles ... Dayne Johnson

David Charnock and Russ Biaggne from Holy Apostles talk with Dayne Johnson about how his Catholic faith has helped get him through difficult times.

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FPD16 - Holy Apostles ... St. Ignatius School

David Charnock interviews Chairwoman Karen Mahoney and Principal Andi Kane about St. Ignatius Catholic School, which is set to open it's doors in August of 2017.

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FPD16 - Sacred Heart...Marriage for Life

Lorissa Horn and Dan Minnaert from Sacred Heart in Boise discuss the importance of marriage and the Marriage for Life event   

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FPD16 - Idaho Catholic Men's Conference

Johnny Horn and Travis Wingo discuss the fruits from the first conference and then discuss the 2017 edition ... January 28th at Bishop Kelly High School.

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FPD16 - Fr. Gary Thomas, Exorcist

Fr. Gary Thomas will be one of the keynote speakers at the upcoming Idaho Catholic Men's Conference.  He is also the exorcist priest for the Diocese of San Jose, California!  His training in Rome was the subject of the book and movie "The Rite."

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Catholic Idaho - OCT. 25th

On this episode of CATHOLIC IDAHO, we sit down with Mike Gallagher and Misti Hawkins to talk about the Society of St Vincent de Paul.  And later, we set the table for the Fall Pledge Drive that ran Oct. 26-28.  We kick off the show with Fr. Caleb Vogel from St. Paul’s in Nampa, and a homily on the need to be persistent in prayer…

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