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Vocations Focus - SEPT. 16th

   VOCATIONS FOCUS is a new local program on Salt & Light Catholic Radio - where we feature priests, deacons and women religious of our Diocese, sharing their vocation stories with our listeners.  In today's program, part 2 of our talk with Fr. Camilo Garcia from Corpus Christi parish in Fruitland.

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Catholic Idaho - SEPT. 15th


We have a jam-packed "CATHOLIC IDAHO" program for you! We kick things off with a powerful homily from this past Sunday at St. Paul’s parish in Nampa, courtesy of Fr. Caleb Vogel - "Who Do YOU Say That I Am? Then, we discuss important pro-life issues with Karen Simkins - later in the show, we'll share audio captured from a Planned Parenthood protest a few weeks ago.  Plus, our KTFI team interviews Trent Horn from Catholic Answers Live!

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