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Faith With Father - JUNE 4th

   This episode of FAITH WITH FATHER is dedicated to Fr. Henry Carmona.  As we all know by now, Fr. Henry is retiring and returning to his native country of Columbia, South America.  Join Jim & MaryEllen Nourse as they chat with Fr. Henry one last time on this special local program.

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Catholic Idaho - JUNE 3rd

   On this edition of CATHOLIC IDAHO, we feature an update from Mike Gallagher with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Shelly Donahue is back with more chats on chastity and Chris Kreslins checks in with summer camps and retreats for your Jr. High or High School students.  Plus, Fr. Rob Irwin interviews Fr. Tim O' Toole - originally from the Diocese of Boise, ordained by Bishop Trienen in 1989, Fr. Tim has now been travelling the U.S. as a spokesman with Cross Catholic Outreach the past 9 years.  

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