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FPD13 - St. Mark's - Carl Sarrazola

   Dr. Joe chats with Carl Sarrazola regarding Boy Scout Troop 94, sponsored by St. Mark's.  What is his background with Boy Scouts and how has that transferred into him leading future generations of young men with strong Catholic faith?

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FPD13 - St. Mark's - Clyde Brinegar

   As we wrap up the first day of the BE A LIGHT Fall Pledge Drive, Dr. Joe interviews Clyde Brinegar about being ordained a new Deacon at St. Mark's Catholic Community.  Listen to Clyde's faith journey and how Catholic Radio has helped him along the way.

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FPD13 - St. Mark's - Mark Hopkins

   Co-hosts Clyde Brinegar and Dr. Joe Lipetzky sit down with the new principal at St. Mark's Catholic School - Mark Hopkins!  How does one go from middle school teacher to becoming the leader of well over 300 students?!  What's it been like during his first few months on the job?  What is his vision for the school moving forward?  Tune into this great interview and learn more!

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