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FPD13 - St. Mark's - Fr. Bruno

   As we wrap up day 1 of our Fall Pledge Drive, Dr. Joe is the host during St. Mark's block of time on-air and he leads off with Fr. Bruno!  Any interview with Fr. Bruno is interesting and entertaining - this one is no different - as topics include St. Mark's School, experiences in his homeland of Tanzania, Pope Francis and of course, the importance of supporting Catholic Radio. 

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FPD13 - OLR - Steve Peterson

   Being a convert to the Catholic faith, our co-host Pete Cuppage chats with Steve Peterson who heads up the RCIA program at Our Lady of the Rosary.  Find out how Catholic Radio played an important role in these men's conversion and faith journey.

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FPD13 - OLR - The Anderson's

   Check out this great interview with Gary & Cindy Anderson from Our Lady of the Rosary.  Pete & V Cuppage chat with Cindy about her involvement with the youth ministry and Gary being involved in the Deaconate program.  With our theme of the Fall Pledge Drive - BE A LIGHT - here are a couple of bright lights shining at OLR.

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FPD13 - OLR - Mike Schauble

   Not only is he a key member of our volunteer staff at Salt & Light Radio...he is also a key member of Our Lady of the Rosary parish!  Pete and V Cuppage sit down with our own Mike Schauble to discuss Catholic Radio, the Cursillo movement, Idaho Family Camp and much more.

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FPD13 - OLR - Pam Krueger

   Pete and V Cuppage were the hosts for Our Lady of the Rosary during the BE A LIGHT Fall Pledge Drive.  The next guest was Pam Krueger - musical director at OLR.  An extra treat - Pam and Pete sing a little bit - be sure to tune in for that!

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FPD13 - OLR - Mary Jane Atkinson

   Late Wednesday afternoon, Pete and V Cuppage were the hosts for Our Lady of the Rosary during the BE A LIGHT Fall Pledge Drive.  Their first guest was Mary Jane Atkinson - a very familiar face around OLR.  Listen into this discussion about not only the many groups she is involved with, but also G.K. Chesterton and a couple of books being used as an incentive.

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FPD13 - Risen Christ - John Pettinger

   As we wrap up our time with Risen Christ, Deacon Don Blythe chats with John Pettinger about a great program offered by the Knights of Columbus at the Parish - hospital/medical equipment that is available to borrow when you need it!  Some great stories are shared, stories that will inspire you to BE A LIGHT.

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FPD13 - Risen Christ - Deacon Kulleck

   We have a couple of Deacons in the house!  Deacon Don sits down with Dcn. Richard Kulleck as he discusses the upcoming Deacon Ordination Mass and gives a brief description of each of the six men about to be ordained on October 26th.

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FPD13 - Risen Christ - Debra Servatius

   Deacon Don Blythe, Pastoral Associate at Risen Christ, is your host for this block of time during the BE A LIGHT Fall Pledge Drive.  Next up, Debra Servatius talks about the St. Vincent de Paul Re-Entry Program - what it is all about and how you can help too.

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FPD13 - Risen Christ - Fr. Rob Cook

   As we kick-off our time with Risen Christ, Deacon Don Blythe takes over as on-air host.  First guests?  Fr. Rob Cook along with Dan & Sharon Vawser from Sacred Heart?!  It may seem strange but once you listen in, it will all make sense...we hope  ;-)

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FPD13 - Holy Apostles - Sara Dance

   Have you heard of Financial Peace University?  Mary Wax sits down with Sara Dance to talk about how this program is being offered at Holy Apostles plus all of the positive benefits it can have on your family's finances.

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FPD13 - Holy Apostles - Mary Wax

   Did we run out of guests?  Not at all ... one host (Rusty Bang) interviews the other (Mary Wax) about her involvement in the very successful RCIA program at Holy Apostles.

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FPD13 - Holy Apostles - Rusty Bang

   Did we run out of guests?  Not at all ... one host (Mary Wax) interviews the other (Rusty Bang) about his involvement in the Holy Apostles youth ministry.

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FPD13 - Holy Apostles - Claudia Zuniga

   Rusty Bang talks with Claudia Zuniga about a new program for 6th, 7th and 8th graders at Holy Apostles called Energized For Art.  Tune into this interesting chat about art and what it means to our Catholic Faith.

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FPD13 - Holy Apostles - Rebecca Fortin

   With our theme of BE A LIGHT, it was great to hear the many stories of how people in our Diocese are doing just that.  Rusty Bang interviews a junior in high school - Rebecca Fortin - who is giving back by helping with the middle school youth group at Holy Apostles.

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FPD13 - Holy Apostles - John McKay

   As Mary Wax and Rusty Bang continue to host during the BE A LIGHT Fall Pledge Drive, they talk with John McKay who is the Music Director at Holy Apostles.  Get John's point of view regarding music in the Liturgy, plus learn more about his involvement with a very popular local band.  And while the photo looks "serious" - the conversation was quite light-hearted  ;-)

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FPD13 - Holy Apostles - Brian Flowers

   Time to interview another Deacon candidate!  Mary & Rusty chat with Brian Flowers ... besides owning All-Star Plumbing & Restoration, he's taken the four-year journey to becoming a Deacon at Holy Apostles.  

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FPD13 - Holy Apostles - Fr. Dat Vu

   At 11:00am on Wednesday (10/23/13), Rusty Bang & Mary Wax shared hosting duties for Holy Apostles.  Their first guest is Fr. Dat Vu, discussing his ministry, vocation story and other great topics.

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FPD13 - Sacred Heart - St. Vincent de Paul

Next up with Chef Vern, Mike Gallagher and Paquita Barrett discuss their work with St. Vincent de Paul.

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FPD13 - Sacred Heart - Corpus Christi House

   Moving into the 10am hour on Wednesday, Oct. 23rd ... Chef Vern continues as host and talks about the Corpus Christi House with Lisa Murawski.  Lisa is definately being a light, not only for Sacred Heart, but the entire Boise community.

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FPD13 - Sacred Heart - Rob Turner

   Next up with Chef Vern is Rob Turner and the DOERS ministry - hear the wonderful work that Rob does with his team of volunteers.  Listen to Rob's story as he tries to BE A LIGHT despite the extreme conditions he sometimes faces.

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FPD13 - Sacred Heart - Dan Vawser

   As our time with Sacred Heart continues, Chef Vern chats with Dan Vawser regarding his impending Deacon Ordination.  Learn more about the four-year journey that Dan took along with his wife Sharon - the challenges and the blessings that have come from walking this path and looking ahead to his time as "Deacon Dan."

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FPD13 - Sacred Heart - Lazarus House

   Chef Vern is your host during the Sacred Heart block of time at our BE A LIGHT pledge drive.  We start off with Janey McGarry as she describes a wonderful ministry called Lazarus House.

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Fall Pledge Drive - Abolitionists-4-Life

   As our Young Adult Hour continues from Wednesday, Oct. 23rd ... Carol interviews some impressive Boise State students who are busy preaching their pro-life message.  Check out their inspirational story and learn how they a being a light to the world!

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Fall Pledge Drive - Chris Kreslins

   The theme of our Fall Pledge Drive was BE A LIGHT - and the youth of Idaho are living up to that theme!  Find out how during the 8:00am hour from Wednesday, Oct. 23rd as Brian chats with Chris Kreslins (co-host of "Made For More" heard Fridays at 3:30pm on Salt & Light Radio) about teen and young adult ministry throughout our great state.

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Fall Pledge Drive - Knights of Columbus

   A pledge drive at Salt & Light Radio isn't "officially" underway until the Knights of Columbus issue the challenge for the Golden Spatula Award.  John Pettinger and Mike Townsend started us off Wednesday morning around 7:30 by sharing all of the great works the Knights have done this past year on a local, statewide and even global scale!

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