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Upcoming Events for Sanctity of Life Month. 

Roe v Wade 47th Anniversary is Jan 22nd (1973)

  1.     Sat, Jan 11 @10am- Memorial Crosses outside of St. Mark’s and Bishop Kelly High School
  2.     Friday, Jan 17- @6:30pm- RTLI 50th Anniversary Banquet (sign up soon!)
  3.     Sat, Jan 18, 11am Life Mass with Bishop Peter, 1pm Boise March for Life to Capitol with Rally to follow, Reception at St. John’s basement to follow.
  4.     Sun, Jan 19 St. Mark’s Rose Procession - 11am Mass
  5.     Sat Jan 25 Men’s Conference (early registration ends the 12th)
  6.     Friday, Jan 31st @7am Breakfast Presentation on Women’s Reproductive Risks by Dr. Angela Lanfranchi for medical professionals includes breakfast.
  7.     Sat. Feb 1 @ 9am -3pm “The Hush on Women’s Health Seminar” @ St. Mark’s featuring the documentary Hush and speakers.
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