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   Join the gang at 6:00 every Tuesday night at Jalapenos Bar & Grill on Franklin Rd in Boise for the Bishop Kelly Coach's Show.  After the Homecoming blowout of Mtn. Home, Bishop Kelly now sets their sights on Vallivue this Friday night.  Dave Tester talks with Coach Brennan and some of the Knights players.  Claudia Weathermon-Tester chats with the BK XC Coach and one of our sponsors - Idaho Trust Bank.

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   THE GOSPEL OF JOHN is a weekly half-hour Bible study led by Fr. Vogel of St. Paul's parish in Nampa.  In this edition, we finish up the story of "The Washing of the Disciples' Feet."  Then we discuss Judas's betrayal and Jesus giving us The New Commandment.

(John 13:12-35)

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     In a follow-up to last week's DEACON DIARIES, Dcn. Bob talks about "The Theology of Compassion" in this episode.  Are we letting fear and prejudice keep us from getting to know others?  Once those people share their stories, do they become less threatening?  How can we exhibit the love of Christ if we're too afraid to engage the world? 

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   Happy Homecoming!  A fun week for Bishop Kelly High School students culminates with a 48-0 blowout over the Tigers of Mountain Home.  From Nick Ysursa Field, Dave Tester & Peter Oliver bring you all of the action plus Claudia Weathermon-Tester on the sidelines with BK alums.  GO KNIGHTS!

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     Chris Kreslins and Mike Abbondandolo team up to bring you this episode of MADE FOR MORE - the Catholic Radio Show for Teens!  Their guest is Andrew Furphy from FOCUS at Boise State University, discussing how to reach young people and better engage them in their Catholic faith.

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   In this episode of WHERE FAITH BEGINS, Jake & Lindsay Dyson discuss the topic "Discernment of Spirits."

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     Live from Jalapeno's Bar & Grill, it's the Bishop Kelly Coach's Show with Tim Brennan.  Dave Tester chats with Coach Brennan along with some of the Knights players responsible for the big win against Caldwell!  Plus, Claudia Weathermon-Tester talks with Rita Franklin about your chance at tickets to a Notre Dame game!

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   In this edition of the GOSPEL OF JOHN, Fr. Vogel leads a half-hour Bible study on John 13:1-20 and discusses the familiar story of "The Washing of the Disciples' Feet."  Is there a deeper meaning of this event and what did it symbolize?

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    "The Theology of Fear" is discussed during this edition of the DEACON DIARIES with your host, Deacon Robert Barros-Bailey.  On this 16th anniversary of the deadly 9/11 attacks, how has our culture changed from that terrible day in American history?  Today's news is filled with hurricanes, earthquakes and threats from North Korea - how much is fear driving our life today?  How many of our sins can be attributed to that "fight or flight" instinct that comes from fear?

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